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Welcome to Marbella Group Developers (MGD):

Helping you make your dream a reality with helping you choose the perfect piece of property to building your home is just a small part of Marbella Group Developers.  With 19 years in business, our bilingual staff includes architectural design, engineering, construction, pool, and landscaping contractors, custom cabinetry, solar systems to various finishing options.  From start to finish, we can offer you turnkey results.

We are family, friends, and neighbors working together to Marbella a better community.

For the last 19 years, I have made Marbella my home with my wife and 2 daughters.  As an avid surfer, you will find that Marbella is one of the 10 best hidden beaches and secluded surf spots.   You’ll often see me out teaching my daughters to surf or kayak.

Children are special, and they are Marbella’s future.  I have been so fortunate to offer employment in the town, that my greatest pleasure has been able to pay it forward to children of our community.   Each year with the excitement of Christmas, MGD, hosts a Christmas party for the children of Marbella and this year MGD added a special gift by donating and construction of the playground in the center of town.

Under the guide of our mascot, we organize beach clean-up days or planting of new saplings.  As mentors, our MGD employees try to instill basic awareness to keep our beaches clean, curb pollution, and encourage reforestation.

As a MGD customer, you become family with a bond within a community.  As a friend, I’m only a phone call away.   As neighbors, we’ll toast the sunset, or just take pictures of our neighbors taking pictures of the sunsets!  Pura Vida!  ~ Jeff Allen

CEO Jeff Allen

I’m Working, Living, Loving, and Learning!



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