Custom Home Building

We build your dream home, hassle free
It Begins
How the process goes
STEP 1: Initial sit down or phone conference with architect and builder.  Understand the budget. Knowing that this can be a range to help everyone out. The more specific we can get the better and easier the process goes.
Step 1
Sketches or picture ideas from places like Pinterest or personal photos.

What are you looking for? second home, 1st home, rental space, primary use and secondary use if any. Family, single, how do you interact with the space. How does the space interact with the surrounding environment? Meeting on land to determine location where you want certain spaces to be facing, pool, bedrooms, living area, etc.

Customer Action
Let's move forward
$10,000 Deposit is placed for the design of the home. This might or might not go towards the home build. This is needed and will be non-refundable if the client decides to pull out at any time of the design to contract phase of the process. Skin in the game.
Step 2
Initial sketches
Architect takes all this and sketches ideas to start from. 2-3 weeks from the above meeting.
Step 3
Decision Making
  • Meeting on STEP 2 – redesign and if necessary back to STEP 2.
  • If all agree that there is momentum based on sketches, then architect goes back and models some basic ideas of just exterior and location of home.
  • In Tandem with Step 3. Soil Testing can be done at this time that is required for engineering your house on your land area. Cost for this portion of the build is $X.est $900
  • 2 – 3 weeks

Step 4
We are getting close
  • Meeting on step 3. Redesign and move back to step 3 or move forward to developing STEP 5 a more detailed 3D RENDERINGS a computerized generated virtual tour of your new home with specifics of where and what size you want things.
  • 3 weeks

Step 5
The Fun Process
  • Review model and make changes.
  • Talk about each room and what do you want from them. Pool depth size, shape, cost? decking, ETC.
  • Landscaping
  • More changes but we are now at specifics and slight size moves.
  • 2 weeks until the final model is complete.
  • With each change starting after the first sketches. Client fills out change form on the online process. This will allow us to review the changes and go back to them when necessary. All costs associated with these changes will be spelled out in a return email to the client from the builder once changes have been made. Clients will approve or disapprove of the changes and the costs associated with them. Everything is agreed to and spelled out with no confusion and all documented for reference.

Step 6
The Last Step
  • Contract is written up based on final approval of final modeling. A meeting will be set up to go through the contract.
  • Same time – Electrical and water are determined and explained to clients what this will entail and cost.
  • 1 week from final approval.